Founded in 1931 in New York by Herbert Bienen and Edwin Davis, Bienen Davis was a master of design and innovation in handbags in an era when glamour and attention to detail were paramount. Synonymous with luxury, the bags were found throughout the 30’s to 70’s on the sets of movies and television shows, worn by Hollywood’s most iconic celebrities, and included in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s permanent collection.

The new Bienen Davis is the creation of Richard K. Bienen, the fourth generation of the Bienen family. Having been raised in the bag-making business with his father, Richard H. Bienen, and influenced by the design spirit of his mother, Pat Mori, who worked alongside Halston, Bienen was inspired to re-establish the renowned brand.

Today Bienen Davis follows not only Pat’s iconic style but also her ethos as a progressive modern woman. As a single mother she stood for inclusion, supported independent designers and embodied the unique spirit of New York City in the 1970's.