Slick Woods stacks the family jewels.

The past year was a big one for Slick Woods. Her son, Saphir was born. Her first film, “Goldie” premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. She won international industry accolades, like Model of the Year. Her mother returned after a period of incarceration that began when Slick was four. A year of new growth, challenges, and continual rebirth.

Speaking with Elle about her son Saphir, Slick remarked that the “things you lacked . . . trauma – you can erase that by creating new life. I can retract those things with my son’s life. In giving him that childhood, it heals you as well.”

With Slick onboard as a creative force and equity holder in Civil Jewlery, Saphir has become the namesake for Civil’s signature lariat-style necklace. And she is continually giving new life to creative ideas with the company.

Says Slick, “what Civil represents to me is the notion that ownership and access are a powerful way to generate social change. I’m excited to help the Civil Fund pass along the company’s success using investments as a tool.”

Slick Woods Civil Jewelry